How can I find out if my information was exposed?

Craig Johnson
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As more information becomes available about the Equifax data breach, many consumers have questions relating to how it affects them — and their credit — personally.

The Atlanta-based credit reporting agency recently announced that as many as 143 million people were exposed when hackers exploited a website application to access protected files earlier this year. Equifax, one of three main cogs in the U.S. lending industry, waited six months to tell the public, leading to outrage and calls for class-action lawsuits.

Where to go to find out if your information was exposed in the Equifax data breach

One of the main questions consumers want to know is whether their personal information was exposed in the data breach — and if so, how much of it. Equifax said that it has set up a specific website that consumers can access to find out if their data has been hacked. Additionally, the agency said that it is mailing notices to consumers notifying them individually whether their credit card numbers or other documents were exposed.

Want to see whether you were affected? Here is the direct link to the page on the Equifax website that shows you if you were impacted.

Money expert Clark Howard says the No. 1 way to protect yourself from identity fraud is by freezing your credit.

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