HTTP: The Request/Response Procedure

At its most basic level, the request/response process consists of a web browser asking the web server to send it a web page and the server sending back the page. The browser then takes care of displaying the page. Each step in the request and response sequence is as follows: […]

Kееріng Evіl Awау Frоm Yоur Computers

Whеn уоu ѕurf thе іntеrnеt оr dоwnlоаd fіlеѕ frоm іt, thеrе іѕ а сhаnсе thаtѕоmеоnе mау bе wаtсhіng уоur еvеrу mоvе іn уоur соmрutеr. Evеrу kеу уоu рrеѕѕ іn уоur kеуbоаrd аnd еvеrу сlісk оf thе mоuѕе аrе rесоrdеd wіthоut уоu knоwіng аbоut іt. It соuld bе аnуоnе, аnd іt […]

MySql Beginners Guide

Tables Clone Table Structure CREATE TABLE new_tbl_name LIKE tbl_name;   Clone Table (including Data) CREATE TABLE new_tbl_name SELECT * FROM tbl_name;   Rename a table RENAME TABLE tbl_name TO new_tbl_name;   Change the DB Engine for a Table ALTER TABLE tbl_name ENGINE=InnoDB;   Removing Tables based on their Prefix For […]

Ubuntu Server installation Guide

Server Installation Suggested Reading: Ubuntu Installation Guide Prepare Installation Media Boot Installation Media OS Installation The installation takes about 40 minutes. Depending on your hardware, installation media (USB stick, CD-ROM) and internet connection. Step 1 of 24: Select language during installation: Step 2 of 24: Select keyboard layout: Step 3 […]

Three Reasons Not to Use Skype

Skype is one hell of a convenient tool. It’s easy to use, everybody has it, and the call quality is generally quite good. But for anyone concerned about privacy it’s one of the worst software applications you can use. Here’s three reasons to uninstall it and move on to something […]


PHP FastCGI The PHP FastCGI Process Manager or PHP-FPM in short is server running in the background. When a webbrowser requests a webpage which is made by a PHP script, the web server (Nginx in our case) will forward the request to the PHP-FPM server who will process it. PHP-FPM […]

Linux File Encryption Using GPG

GPG? Isn’t That For Email? GPG is an encryption toolset that is best known for encrypting email, and while it is magnificent in this regard (usability aside), it’s also equally capable at encrypting files. Moreover, GPG is also usually associated with asymmetric encryption, that is encryption using separate public and […]

Securing Firefox

Introduction Chaining a socks with proxychains/proxifier means forfeiting the protection of Torbutton, which leaves you open to browser fingerprinting. Set everything up as you would at the point of entering card details (enable javascript & allow noscript), then run a test at (just cancel the pop-up). You might get […]

Linux Security Guide

Linux Ubuntu is based on Debian – it prioritizes convenience over security. Think of Ubuntu as the most simple, but least secure os. Tails and Whonix is also based on Debian. ‣ 1. Keep your system up-to date It’s important that all packages stay up-to-date for security purposes – An […]